4. FEES-Seminar der Asklepios Kliniken Schildautal, Seesen

27. Juni 2019 - 29. Juni 2019
Asklepios Kliniken Schildautal, Karl-Herold-Straße 1, 38723 Seesen
(+49) 5381 74-2507

Seesener FEES-Basics Seminar

Aspiration in the course of neurogenic dysphagia is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in a large number of acute and chronic neurological disorders (i.e. stroke, hemorrhage, ALS, SAB, etc.). The „flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing“ (FEES) represents the gold standard for assessing swallowing in this population.

We are proud to announce that Prof. Susan Langmore, the first researcher to publish this method and one of the world ́s leading experts in this field will be playing a major role in our seminar. Although this course will fulfill all requirements for obtaining the „Basiszertifikat“ of the DGN/DSG/DGG/DGD the symposium language is English. In order to profit from this course and guarantee maximum satisfaction participants should be proficient in English.

Prof. Dr. med. M. Oberman
Director Department of Neurology

Dr. R. Thomas
Chief resident Center for early rehabilitation

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  • Von 27. Juni 2019 bis 29. Juni 2019